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Spin & go - cheating and looting:

klloyd3klloyd3 Registered User, Facebook Connect User Posts: 1 Not a Title, but a Star
edited December 2020 in Bug Reporting

I was just trying to explore spin and go to see what it is. Zynga did not let me choose smaller table where I'd sit in with lessamount. On top I just clicked on number 5 to see if it atleast allows me to change the number of players, instead it put me in a billion spin and go table with no prior notice of asking for confirmation from me. And when I tried to leave the table it said I would lose all my chips if I leave , hence I was forced to play inspite of not knowing what the game is about. This is daylight robbery and cheating: this is not what I expected from Zynga. I lost one billion chips with no fault of mine. I'd probably not play zynga poker again. I have been painstakingly playing and saving chips over a period of many years. Already Zynga doesn't act on bingo player, on the contrary it seems to reward bingo players by making them win, on top this sort of misinformation and mis-leading names and hence forcing me to play on such high stakes with no prior confirmation should not be solicited and is not an expected behaviour I'm signing upto. I feel cheated utterly. Worse thing is that was almost all of my chips that I had, after sings cheated me off 1 billion in table stakes- I have been watching this for a while now: I could sitting there hours trying to play fairly, and not winning a single hand even if I got 2 As. whereas other people even with no significant cards will be winning. Manytimes I have folded during flip itself to see if I ever get a winning hand, but no. I could fold with 2 aces even then someone else would win with rubbish initial hands even if I hadn't folded. How on earth can it be possible if Zynga is fair? How can one not have a winning hand even after 20 - 30 rounds?


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