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Saving Farmville!

misspaperwaitmisspaperwait Registered User, Facebook Connect User Posts: 3 Not a Title, but a Star

I know everyone is heartbroken about Farmville closing down at the end of the year. I have gotten together with a group of other farmers and we've started a petition to try and save the game! We all know it's impossible to save all 60+ farms, it would be an incredible undertaking and likely cost a ton of money. So, what we're proposing instead is that once Farmville is done on FB they start it from the home farm on another platform.

Zynga has it's own game room where you can play all the other Farmville games as an alternative to FB so why not bring the OG Farmville there once FB no longer wants it?

By starting from scratch, they could cut the costs of reprogramming by a ton because they could either program that single farm from scratch in the new format or convert the current farm code for the Home Farm to a non-flash code.

From everything we've read and the answers we've gotten over the past couple weeks, it seems like the main reason they decided to put Farmville out to pasture, is because it would be entirely too much work and money to convert all 60+ farms that they have put out over the years and that is completely understandable.

However, it seems that the majority of us farmers (we've talked to the farmers in several farmville groups) would be perfectly happy, thrilled even to start over fresh on the original farm on another platform if it means saving the game.

Sign our petition to show Zynga that we're still here, we still want to play and we would be happy to start over if that's what it takes to save the game we've all been playing for the last 11 years! We already have a great start so keep that momentum going!

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