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FC disappeared & more

AstridRiAstridRi Registered User, Facebook Connect User Posts: 7 Loose Cannon

Yesterday I had 239 FC today 179, how is it possible and I didn't buy anything? This reminded me of the oddity that had happened. Namely, I reached 4 levels in the Tropical Workshop when I have the option to upgrade with coins. I think I saw my coins shrink, but it also upgraded me right to level 5. I didn't watch FC. Something else unusual happened yesterday, on the Leaderboard assignments when there was an announcement of winners on past assignments. I'm sorry because I wouldn't pay with FC to upgrade the Tropical Workshop, because it turns out that 60 FC was taken from me. that's too much for me. Can it be returned?

The bar in the tractor selection menu on the Maple frontier does not work. There is no Coastal Countryside tractor on the water menu either, and when I select a vehicle then nothing can be processed with it. That's why I have to open the garage all the time and choose vehicles here.

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