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Thank you Farmville

desidesi Registered User, Facebook Connect User Posts: 1 Not a Title, but a Star

So this may sound sappy but I will really miss my farms. FV was there for 2 separate knee replacements and aided in the recovery of a torn bicep tendon. Seriously, the Dr. agreed that all the clicking around was good for tendon recovery (who knew, right). There were times I would not play for days and days I would play for hours. But just to the left it was always there "Farmville". I have played from the beginning....I find myself missing it already. :'(



  • crossgard2crossgard2 Pumpkin Registered User Posts: 23 Building Expert

    wish zynga felt that way about us

  • nickelpeednickelpeed Unstained Chieftain Registered User Posts: 166 Investigator

    **What gets me is when Zynga brought Farmville to Facebook, it garnered 20 percent of the 350 million Facebook users. That means out of the 350 million, 70 million played Farmville. It earned Zynga MILLIONS from their faithful users. Why treat your fans like this? Why not just try to develop a game launcher, like they did for Farmville 2? FV2 operated off of Flash at one point. Zynga developed a launcher to keep it going. Or is it because it's on a smaller scale? Are we, Farmville fans, not worth to keep it around? My gosh, most of us have spent 11 years playing this game because we love it. We have thousands of animals, buildings, and ornaments we have spent thousands of dollars on to buy FC. Many of us still have FC. What are we to do with it? If we spend it, we lose, if we keep it, we lose; we lose all the way around. Come on Zynga, treat us right, find a solution like you did with FV2 **

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