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There must be light at the end of the plough, isn't there?

OlePloughmanOlePloughman Registered User, User Awaiting Email Confirmation, Facebook Connect User Posts: 2 Not a Title, but a Star

It seems quite certain that come the new year, Farmville will be no more, but, is Zynga really going to close it's doors?
Just look at all of the games that they produce, how many use flash?
Without flash, they would surely cease to exist!
If there is truely no way forward then why are they continuing to introduce new farms?
I cannot really believe that a company with their clout cannot A) buy the rights to flash from Adobe, B) find a suitable alternative, C) write a suitable alternative, D) commission a suitable alternate or E) replace the routines that use flash functions with some other graphics manipulation.
If all of this is ending at the end of the year, then why would they continue until then, why not just call it a day now?

And a note to Zynga themselves, today I can't access my farms again because of your stupid stubborn Flash Helper window which does not realise that I have installed it and simply will not go away! So this means that yet again all of my crops on all of my farms will be withered again!

Please sort this out.


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