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Farmville Ending!! upsetting!

pristhekillapristhekilla Not a Title, but a StarRegistered User Posts: 7 Loose Cannon
edited September 2020 in Bugs & Issues

zynga knew 3 years ago that Flash Player was going to end and the did nothing to find a way to keep us, paying players, continue to play. your update that it will only be supported until December 2020 lets us know nothing concrete! now, you release a new farm, which i paid early access for, and you want us to participate in your promo of 40% off buying farm cash...which i always do, and for what? you're ending the game in 4 months.

you have been milking money from paying players for 3 years and you still want us to keep putting money into a game that wont be available after December 2020.

it is completely unfair and plain show us players that we dont matter to you; zynga. our money was good to take but ending a game we love when you could have saved it, doesnt matter. your players dont matter.

and i might add, Farmville 2 also runs on Flash Player yet, that game has NO notice whatsoever that after december, zynga wont support it!! this is even more frustrating because its obvious to us players that you plan on just ending Farmville. and rather than tell us direct, you want to milk us for more money before you end it!

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