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Farmville ENDING -not OK!

ibecinibecin Registered User, Facebook Connect User Posts: 37 Building Expert

I just saw your message about the game ending in December 2020 and i am beyond upset! I have been playing and PAYING into this game since it was Beta. I am essentially a paying customer. I just paid to enter the newest farm. I have 3955 farm cash that i have accumulated by buying your money trees when they came out. yet, you cant find a solution to have us continue playing?? Eleven years are going to go down the drain because a multi-million dollar company cant figure out how to switch their game from flash to something that will continue its users to keep playing??

This is ridiculous!

its our time spent, our loyalty, our dedication and our MONEY just being thrown away. Many of us pay to play. we buy trees, animals, buildings. we pay for early access, we pay to expand our farms. It is absolutely ridiculous to just get a notice telling us our game is ending. Do something about this!!!
that is my level, coins, and farm cash!! thats what I have done for the past 11 years!!

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