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Farmville Cash

EvieAndy0505EvieAndy0505 Registered User, Facebook Connect User Posts: 19 Building Expert

Aug-21-2020 15:43:21 Quest - Skip 15 1 15
Aug-21-2020 15:22:39 Midnight Blue Tulip Bushel 1 1 1
Aug-17-2020 19:35:50 Crescent Broccoli Bushel 1 1 1
Aug-14-2020 17:34:27 Amsterdam Rose Bushel 1 1 1
Aug-10-2020 15:04:57 Crescent Broccoli Bushel 1 1 1

I have had the above FarmVille cash taken from me. Obviously in error. I have summited many questions on the Support and the Forum Tab. They just keep saying use the support tab. No one every gets back to me????? Thanks Lisa


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