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Way to Control which Neighbors Appear in Neighbor Bar or Crafting Cottages?

musicalcatmusicalcat Gabby EnthusiastRegistered User Posts: 365 Social Snowflake

On the neighbor bar at the bottom of the game (which has the neighbors whose farms I can visit), I have a mix of Facebook friends and community neighbors, but it doesn't show all my neighbors - and if I keep scrolling to the left, I get to blank spaces that say "add neighbor," so I suppose there's room for more down there. Why do some community neighbors appear on the bar and others don't?

(This usually comes up for me during early access week, when I want to visit neighbors' farms to work on the self-contained crafting building. I know more community neighbors have early access because I see their posts in the below-game feed, but most of them don't appear on my neighbor bar so I can't visit them.)

Also, only 37 neighbors show up in the crafting cottage. Is there a way to control which neighbors show up there? I like to support my neighbors by buying the lowest-price goods to help them level up.

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