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Multiple issues, I have missing neighbors, sending/receiving neighbor and gift requests via Facebook

sl_greekdivadianesl_greekdivadiane Registered User, Facebook Connect User Posts: 3 Not a Title, but a Star

I have neighbors that are missing on my end yet their end I show up. I can't receive the neighbor from Facebook Games gifts requests. I also when accepting requests in game the top one from you shows a blank box. I also do not receive all of my gift requests that are** shown on my Facebook Games page for Farmville 1.
I am running Linux Mint OS, on Chromium. I am Fully up to date on everything and all my settings are set.

I just need to have all my active neighbors back and be able to add new ones from Facebook Games page. I get the join the game but the Player is not added. I also do not receive all my gift requests that are on my Facebook Games page to my Farmville 1 page. I have not found a solution even on The Dirt Farmer page either.


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