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Ways to Improve FarmVille

jwwright00jwwright00 Registered User, Facebook Connect User Posts: 2 New to the Forums

i have no friends

you should add AI's to the game for surrogate neighbors

when I try to do this [add neighbors], the screen never loads

OR make maps that don’t require friends


give the player the OPTION to buy ALL the items in the game with just coins

also, WHY should I buy them [particularly the buildings] when I could just plant crops there instead [and make money]? they look just decorative. this should be in the game manual along with a conversion chart that explains the ratio among the different sectors [how many pigs would be the financial equivalent of 1 plot of crops? what about ducks? chicken? horses? sheep? trees?] to determine relative profitability

put the most standard, default item that you can buy with Coins at the BEGINNING of the Market loadout page, instead of having the player wade through all the customized/specialized s**t and try to find it at the middle or end

wheat is 122 coins, but when I do it I only get 61 (?!?)

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