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I want the old Farmville back!!!

ibejuliaibejulia Registered User, Facebook Connect User Posts: 28 Building Expert

I hate the way Farmville is now.
The plots of land are too small. If you want more land, you have to purchase it with Farm Cash. You can't purchase land with Farm Coins anymore. It takes forever to be able to open up the land they do allow after a time. There are so many objects on the land in the beginning, you have no room to farm, therefore it takes forever to make enough bushels to craft items. Especially hard when neighbors don't help you out.

And to top it off, we have so many farms to work and you can't share your items with people because the "Security Captcha" only allows you to post a small number before it stops you.

I would really like Farmville to go back to the large farms like our Home farm, and our English farms where we could use Coin expansions again. It seems to me that games should be enjoyable, not a frustration :/



  • PeelaPeela The One Who Knows It All Registered User Posts: 2,604 Lord of the Forums

    you dont have to play the newer farms ... I know people who only play the older farms (some of which can be expanded up to 34 x 34 using coins) if you dont like the newer farms dont use them ... they will be there but ignore them ....

  • ibejuliaibejulia Registered User, Facebook Connect User Posts: 28 Building Expert

    I know playing ANY farm is optional. If people want to play only on older farms, that's their prerogative. That's not the point of having a lot of farms. The problem is the items you want to post and share is very limited because of the security captcha. I think it's very frustrating.

    Besides, you may like tiny farms. That's you. I don't. I would like Farmville to get back to the larger farms. I have already expanded my older farms as far as I can. I'm not going to spend real money for a digital farm. I did that in Cityville, and the real money I spent was all for nothing. Cityville is gone along with my purchases. I stand by my previous statement.

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