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My Mastery>>Default tab

cayosombrerocayosombrero Registered User, Facebook Connect User Posts: 14 Building Expert

Currently when I open My Mastery - it always takes about a minute to open for the first time after opening Farmville and it opens in Seeds tab. It then takes another 10 seconds to change it to Animals tab. (If I then close My Mastery window and open it another time without quitting Farmville, it then opens faster and is faster to switch between the tabs - but there are so many reasons to restart Farmville all the time, so most of the times it is always so slow to open!).

Can this be changed so that it remembers the tab I opened last time so the next time I open My Mastery it opens on the same tab? In my case I always want it to open on Animals tab, as I check that the most often.


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