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Storage>>Sorting of Farms

cayosombrerocayosombrero Registered User, Facebook Connect User Posts: 14 Building Expert

When you open Storage, there is a menu to select which farm storage you want to look at. The sort order of these farms keeps changing all the time, seems it is kind of in order of visiting the farms the second last time you were playing Farmville.

Can this be changed please, so that the farms would be in the order they were released? The latest farm at the top and the oldest one at the bottom of the menu.

Also, when you have clicked to change the farm and you move the cursor away from the menu, the menu closes again. Can this be changed please so that it stays open until I select a farm, or if I want to close the menu, I CLICK at the top of the menu, or somewhere outside the menu, instead of moving the cursor away.


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