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Pop up for current release farm

cayosombrerocayosombrero Registered User, Facebook Connect User Posts: 14 Building Expert

Currently released farm is Madagascar Trails. Let's say my last used farm was Madagascar Trails, and I am loading Farmville and it takes me to the last used farm - Madagascar Trails.

I now travel to Highland Adventures farm, and the pop up appears "Explore the gems of nature in Madagascar Trails!" - I close the message, and it pops up second time. Madagascar Trails is not even a new farm for a long time, Bora Bora EA goes live next week. I have nothing else to explore, all animals and trees and crops are mastered and tasks done and I've received the Beat Madagascar statue.

Expected is that it would only pop up maybe for two weeks after Madagascar Trails farm is released. Not after every single time you open Farmville and twice every time!

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