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Gift Box>>Sorting items

cayosombrerocayosombrero Registered User, Facebook Connect User Posts: 14 Building Expert

Currently Gift Box has a Recent tab, but the issue is this only shows max 18 most recent items in the order they were collected. I have 150 animal pens on one farm for example, and if I harvest all of them I end up with about 300 new babies each time (I have Double Baby Statue placed) and only being able to see the 18 most recent ones out of 300 is not enough. Can the Recent tab show all items in the order they were placed in Gift Box instead of max 18 only? And if I select Animals, then showing all Animals only in the order collected? And if I select consumables then only Consumables in the order collected and so on?

It would also be useful to be able to sort by quantity to find the items I need.


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