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Julian CaraxJulian Carax Black Sheep of ze InternetRegistered User Posts: 57 This Space is Available

Hi farmers,
I have been gone from the game for a while, and I started playing again.

Back in my day, a player needed lots of FB friends, who were neighbors as well, to complete many tasks like "asking for item" and "feed/wall" requests that needed your FB friends to click on your wall in order to help you out.

I know the game has implemented the option to add "community neighbors" without the need to have them as FB friends at all. However, when one does need neighbors to give you an item via "wall post," how can that be achievable if the majority of your neighbors are "community neighbors"? You can't share the link with them as far as I know.

So it is my assumption that one needs to have FB friends who also happen to be Farmville players, so they can click on your wall post. Is that still accurate?

I have close to 200 community neighbors, but none of them are my FB friends. Also, my actual FB friends don't play Farmville. Thus, any of my wall posts go unclaimed and lack help as no one clicks on them.

Anyone has any feedback on this? Kindly appreciate it.


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