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Known Issue: Crafting Cottages - Slow/Freezing

SteveMSteveM Registered User, Facebook Connect User Posts: 2 Not a Title, but a Star
edited November 2019 in Bug Reporting

Is anyone else having problems in Jack-O-Stable and other crafting areas, when I craft items, they are ready early and if I hover over an item that has been crafted the countdown timer misses out seconds as it counts down, then I get the "Whoa Farmer" box if I try to use/collect the item.


  • Connie CannonConnie Cannon Party Starter Registered User Posts: 1,037 Pet Queen

    Yes, the timing is off in all the crafting and the restaurants are real slow to show we made something.

  • Latha NairLatha Nair Clueless Cookie Registered User Posts: 13 Building Expert
    edited November 2019

    I have been having this problem for over 2 weeks now. When I make items in the craft store or bakery or spa (or anywhere for that matter), I can click on "Make" for so many times but, it just sits there like it is frozen. After a while, it will respond. I try even changing laptops. No way out. I am enclosing 2 pictures with this problem. See the time in between. It took me over 3 minutes to complete 6 items in the bakery. I can't seem to add screen prints here. How would I do that?

  • zoezoe Registered User, Facebook Connect User Posts: 4 Not a Title, but a Star

    I have been having crafting problems for months. I mailed customer service about this and they updated some basic settings but nothing changed.

  • FarmVillagerFarmVillager Registered User, Super Moderator, Facebook Connect User Posts: 18 Moderator

    Apologies for the experience, Farmers. Our team continues to work on a fix to help players craft recipes without a hitch. Rest assured that I'll update this thread once I get a fix confirmation. You may also visit our Hot Topics section for updates. I appreciate your patience and understanding.

    @Latha Nair To help you post screenshots/images here, I suggest clicking the "Insert an image" button and tap "Choose Files". From there, click on your chosen image/s, wait for it to generate an HTML code, then you may share it with others (please refer to the GIF below). I also removed your player ID for your privacy.

  • PRNCSSNOWWHITEPRNCSSNOWWHITE Registered User, Facebook Connect User Posts: 12 Building Expert
    edited November 2019


  • joannedjoanned Registered User, Facebook Connect User Posts: 1 Not a Title, but a Star

    I am having a similar issue. All my neighbors have disappeared....can no longer buy goods, send gifts to anyone, etc. Please help.

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