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Won't load, nothing works, now farms disappeared! HELP!!

NDubNDub Registered User, Facebook Connect User Posts: 1 Not a Title, but a Star

I am very frustrated! I have not been able to load Farmville for quite some time now. I see a blank Microsoft page briefly when trying to open the games on Edge then nothing. I tried in Edge, IE11, Chrome, Firefox & Opera with the same results. I updated Java; made sure old editions were uninstalled. Updated and enabled Flash Player where applicable, and installed appropriate extensions for each browser. Made sure Shockwave & Silverlight were up to date and working. Tried with & without antivirus on. Same for firewall. Cleared cookies; cleaned browsers. The only thing that has changed is that MY FARMS ARE NOW ALL GONE, & I'm somehow back at square one .... I've been playing for 9 YEARS! I HAD 50 FARMS!! Now, I have NOTHING!!! When this first started happening, I had a tech help me & he changed my password on FB. That helped for a brief time & it started again. Another tech is helping me now, & tried everything described above. Please help me recover my farms and get my games back!

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