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Visiting Farm Rewards...

CloudStrife48CloudStrife48 Loose CannonRegistered User Posts: 22 Building Expert

Is there items now that no longer offer rewards when you visit a neighbour's farm? I recall getting money packs from Wishing Fountain and Arborists from Arborist Centers.

Plus I also have sent Special Deliveries to all my neighbours and only receive 6 or so. As of this writing I have 71 neighbours and yet don't get 71 Special Deliveries in return...

Comments... Thanks!


  • Sandy7226Sandy7226 Lord of the Forums Registered User Posts: 8,716 Lord of the Forums

    I'm guess by money packs you mean coins, I don't remember anything that gave you coins when visiting a neighbor's farm. You could get a chance of an egg when harvesting their chicken coop, and some eggs might contain coins.

    There are many buildings you can build that give some coins, but there are much easier way of accumulating coins if that is your goal. Possibly the easiest is to buy some coin foals from the market, (search for foal, you should find 5 available for coin), purchase a few and place them in a playpen which can then be harvested daily, that will give you a few coins and hopefully another foal, keep harvesting for coins and foals until you can afford the more expensive foals, then build as many playpens as you can, fill with foals and in a very short time you will have surplus foals that you can sell. (generally foals sell for half their purchase price).

    As far as Special Delivery Boxes not being returned by your neighbors you would have to ask them. You can send gifts or ask for parts every 4 to 6 hours. 71 neighbors is not very many, especially if they only play occasionally. I would add more neighbors.

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