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Where will the archer's tent go?

musicalcatmusicalcat Gabby EnthusiastRegistered User Posts: 366 Social Snowflake

I'm not sure if anyone here will know this unless someone from Zynga sees it, but where will the reward building for the League of Archers go?
Will it be where the archer is standing (which means it will be crowded against the Lotus Mahal and not look too nice)? Or will it be off-farm like the others (I hope)?
Just trying to decide which building I want to aim for (no pun intended). In my opinion, none of them go with the decor of the rest of the farm, but especially not the top one, with the striped awnings. I might try for the middle one, but if it's going to be crowded next to the Lotus Mahal, the smallest one may be better. (While the prizes for harvesting the building are appreciated, I don't really need them, so "looks" are pretty much the only consideration.)


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