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Where is my CASH

Sheila Jacobs-AndersonSheila Jacobs-Anderson Not a Title, but a StarRegistered User Posts: 15 Building Expert

I purchased $25.00 dollars and only used $8.00 dollars. I am suppose to have $17.00 dollars lefted and it is showing I only have $5.00 dollars. Where is the rest of my money and I want it back NOW.....


  • Sandy7226Sandy7226 Lord of the Forums Registered User Posts: 8,705 Lord of the Forums

    I'm guessing that you mean Farm Cash not dollars, if you look below the farm you can see Recent Farm Cash Transactions click that and it will open a screen that shows what was recently purchased. If you did not intentionally buy whatever is shown there contact Customer Service and ask if they could reverse those transactions. There is a Support tab at the top of your farm, click that and at the bottom of the list that opens there should be a red Contact Us button. If there is no Contact Us button you can also use one of the following links and the red Contact Us button at the upper right or Submit button at the bottom.

    Please try the tab on your farm first as it will pre-fill many of the questions on the form. Good luck!

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