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Known Issue: Getting "Whoa Farmer" when playing An Ancient Saga Farm and League of Archers feature

TonyaNortonTonyaNorton Registered User, User Awaiting Email Confirmation, Facebook Connect User Posts: 2 Not a Title, but a Star
edited March 2019 in Bug Reporting

havent been able to access without getting the whoa farmer error for 2 days.


  • latolato Registered User, Facebook Connect User Posts: 13 Building Expert
    edited March 2019

    League of Archers worked on Sunday 3/10 but has not worked since. I try to redeem and I get Whoa Farmer, game reloads, try again, and still get Whoa Farmer. This started since the Live Access. Please fix this so I can continue in the league of archers. I don't have any other problem in the rest of the game, just League of Archers.

  • PeelaPeela The One Who Knows It All Registered User Posts: 2,660 Lord of the Forums

    lato you need to remove your email address as it is a breach of the rules in the forums ... (no private info to be posted)
    as to the League of Archers ,... mine has had the Whoa Farmer ... but when its reloaded it is sort of just catching up on items I have claimed that havent counted ... (where you collect and ask for x amount of items) but I have managed to finish it every day without too many issues ....
    try the fixes they suggest ... clear your cookies & cache ... perhaps try a different browser ... but if you are still having issues ... you may need to contact customer support to get their help

  • PeelaPeela The One Who Knows It All Registered User Posts: 2,660 Lord of the Forums

    you may need to contact customer support ...., as another player complained they were also unable to play

  • w0rd_midasw0rd_midas Registered User, Super Moderator, Facebook Connect User Posts: 124 Moderator

    Apologies for the inconvenience, @TonyaNorton and @lato. For now, please perform the steps from our troubleshooting article to help keep the game's online connection stable while our team is looking into this issue. By the way, as @Peela had mentioned, we removed your personal details to keep your account secured and private. Please review our Rules of Conduct and Zynga's Terms of Service for your reference, and refrain from including your account information on your next posts. Thank you.

  • SirragSirrag Fisherman Registered User Posts: 155 Saint Spontaneous

    while you are working o this , what do we do in the meantime?Everytime I redeem yesterday's goals, I get whoa farmer and the game shuts down , starts over and is set back to redeem yesterdays goals, over and over Have lost a days worth of possible accomplished goals.

  • StBernardStBernard Registered User, Facebook Connect User Posts: 2 Not a Title, but a Star

    I have been locked out for 8 days. I have cleared cashe, used different browsers, 3 different computers. Mine just loads to 99%. Other people can load their farms using my computer with no trouble and can visit my farm.

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