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Multiple problems that support is ignoring

gillianslgilliansl Cupcake PrincessesRegistered User Posts: 124 The Pesky Helper

1) the drop down or "unclaimed feeds" has not worked for months, have advised and no repair.
2) items being requested on feed (ever sweet tree, vehicle parts, time potions) all indicate "expired withing seconds but no items received.
3) requested items or sent items through neighbors appear to be locked up and not getting to gift box. Support DID release them once and I have 200 items in gifts to accept... all old waited on items.
4) support too busy making new farms we don't need to do creative crops, quests, fix problems in existing ENTIRE game. Each new farm makes all worse.


  • Sandy7226Sandy7226 Lord of the Forums Registered User Posts: 8,621 Lord of the Forums

    Support doesn't make new farms, that is an entirely different group. Expired does not refer to any particular length of time, it only means no clicks left. The Unclaimed Feeds have not worked properly since FaceBook changed posting and probably never will work properly because FaceBook does not want in game feed, they want you to use the FB newsfeed.

  • mamacbmamacb Registered User, Facebook Connect User Posts: 129 The Pesky Helper

    I am perplexed by how farms that were working before, just stopped working with no explanation. I close and open my browser; I refresh; I wash my computer. Everything I can possibly do on my own to solve the problem, yet, I cannot open any of my farms. I ask for help and the help section is not solving the crashing.
    A white screen keeps popping up every five seconds with the topic of "SAVING YOUR FARM", that's causing my farm to cease working. Please fix that bug in farmville...

  • PeelaPeela The One Who Knows It All Registered User Posts: 2,602 Lord of the Forums

    Im sorry mamacb ... but like Sandy I am not having any issues with my farm .... so it does seem to me that there is a problem with your computer because you seem to be having issues nobody else is ... and if you have followed the moderators instructions .. then it should be working okay .... as its not ... that only leaves one thing left in the mix of the situation ... and that is .... your computer is the problem ... perhaps get a computer tech to have a look at it ... perhaps it doesnt have enough memory or RAM (not sure as Im not that computer savvy with the innards of a computer) but your techie will know for sure and probably help you out ... and let you play again without issues

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