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Technical Support - Help!!

mrswilliamsonmrswilliamson Registered User, Facebook Connect User Posts: 1 New to the Forums

I have 2 ipads (a 10.5 pro and a 12.9 pro). My son uses the 12.9 and when we downloaded Farmville on it for him to use he inadvertently signed in to my account via Facebook. When I logged back into the game on my 10.5 it wanted to sync the data again. Not a big deal, BUT I want him to have his OWN Zynga Farmville attached to HIS Facebook account. We signed out of the game (both under FB and the Gamecenter) on both touchpads. We then deleted the game on BOTH touchpads. We then removed the game from FB under the settings/apps screen. When we reinstalled it on his touchpad it is STILL my game. We repeated the process, then RESET BOTH touchpads (removed all settings etc.) and still when we reinstall the game on his touchpad it is my game. The irritating thing is that it is clearly NOT connected to a FB account or the Game Center. What gives. Why can't we start him a new game? Why does it uninstall and reinstall as if it was never uninstalled in the first place?



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