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Player Love!

Sofia AllianahSofia Allianah Super ModeratorSuper Moderator Posts: 10 Moderator

What are the updates for the Farmers Market and Tiles?

We got great news for you! Here are two updates that will enhance your game experience!

Farmers Market update:

Clearing bushels you don’t use from the Farmers Market is tedious, especially when you don’t know which farms they’re from. To help with this chore, the name of the expansion where the bushel is from will now be visible in the Farmer’s Market.

Tiles Update:

Players are very creative with the use of tiles! To foster this creativity, we’ve made all our tiles multiplacable. Tiles will be easier to work with as you won’t be directed back to the market every time you place one in your farm. You can now keep clicking on the farm to place them!

But that’s not all! To show you how much we appreciate the decorations players do, we’ve removed expansion locks from all tiles and made them all available for coin purchase so everyone can place them on whichever farm they want. We look forward to seeing more awesome decorations on your farms.

Happy farming!

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