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My feed panel was working until about 4pm and then it stopped. Anyone know how to fix it?

OliviaMOliviaM Registered User, Facebook Connect User Posts: 2 Not a Title, but a Star

I have seen other posts that say the gifts and requests are supposed to show up in the news feed, but I don't see them there either.

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  • Sandy7226Sandy7226 Lord of the Forums Posts: 8,631 Lord of the Forums
    Accepted Answer

    If you aren't seeing your FV neighbors on your FB News Feed you need to visit the FB page of each neighbor you aren't seeing (I know that is time consuming, but try doing a few at a time) and comment on their posts, hopefully their FV posts, but any post will do. FB tracks whose posts you comment on and those are the people's posts that you see. Eventually you will see more and more FV posts.



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