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VIP active but not receiving anything.

Mel WortonMel Worton Not a Title, but a StarRegistered User Posts: 3 Not a Title, but a Star

So i have been VIP for a while now. Since 28th May i havent received any VIP benefits. No fvc, no extra room for bushels, no spin daily thing and no discounts in the market. I have double checked and it says my VIP is active. I play every day so its not like i missed a day. I have paid for both may and june but still nothing. I have clicked the support button but it just directs me to forums (which dont have an answer to my question). I have clicked the report/contact to the right of Farmville but i get an error page not found page. I tried twitter but they just gave me a number to ring (im in the UK so i dont really want to be phoning abroad on my mobile.) Is there an email i can use to contact support? Im sure i used one about 5 years ago when i restarted playing the game and i had farms missing, but i dont have it now. Just getting annoyed cos when real cash is involved and im not getting what im paying for then i feel im just being conned. Help anyone?



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