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Official Guide: Walkthrough: Beat Pelican Reef!

Dominus MarsDominus Mars Super ModeratorSuper Moderator Posts: 1,234 Moderator

Walkthrough: Beat Pelican Reef!

Beat Pelican Reef! Icon

Beat Pelican Reef! Requirements Page 1

Beat Pelican Reef! Requirements Page 2

Task 1:

Finish building your Pirate Eatery (Click "Go To Building")

Expand Pirate Eatery through Level 10


2,000 Reef Points

Task 2:

Master these Pelican Reef Crops to Level 3 (Click "See Crop List")

Master the following crops to level 3: Barbados Palm Fruit, Beach Cherry, Bermuda Mystery Rose, Barbados Buttonwood, Hope Flower, Caribbean Crystal Ice, Caribbean Fantasy, Antigua Firangi Pani, Pink Ginger Flower, Jamaican Watermelon, Noodle Beans, Pelican Flower, Caribbean Plumeria, Red Caribbean Rose, Shell Ginger, West Indies Mahogany, Wildfowl Bloom, Jamaican Ackee, Caribbean Pineapple, Cannonball Flower, Dominica Bloom, Barbados Mangrove Flower, Banana Orchid, Mamey Sapote, Pumkin Cashew, Sorrel Herb, Trinidad Cherries, Quenepas


2 Instagrow Potions

Task 3:

Complete all animals in Caribbean Stable! (Click "Go To Building")

Caribbean Stable: Molas Turtle, Molas Chicken, Pirate Matey Cat, Creole Pig, Tropico Carnival Dog, Fruit Hat Meerkat, Barbados Beauty Monkey, Carifesta Parade Jaguar, Fruit Vendor Cow, Antiguan Tribal Panda, Caribbean Pirate Gorilla, Batik Elephant, Dominica Camel, Carmen Miranda Horse, Macaras Unicorn


5 Unwithers

Task 4:

Have a 5 Star Surf Shop! (Click "Go To Crafting")


4,000 Reef Points

Complete all 4 tasks for the Beat Pelican Reef! and you will be awarded with a Beat Pelican Reef Trophy and Beat Pelican Reef Shipping License!

Good luck Farmers! :smile:

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