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FIXED: Invisible Temple - Emberhill Adventure

Frankie_boyFrankie_boy Registered User, Facebook Connect User Posts: 3 Not a Title, but a Star
edited June 2018 in Resolved Issues

My Cernunnos Temple turned into a grey circle (no image appears but a mouseover shows the title Cernunnos Temple) sometime today or last night and I cannot collect anything more from the "remains" of the temple I spent weeks on to receive.

I can only click on "store item" as an action. I tried storing it and placing it in my farm but it changed nothing, I now have a huge grey circle wasting space in my farm.

Please don't tell me the temples were a temporary item that turn into wisps of nothingness after a while, since I spent a LOT of time and effort beating the AI "players" in the race to buil the temple...


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