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Mass/Multi Sell

DiannaDianna Registered User, Facebook Connect User Posts: 1 New to the Forums

Is there anyway to sell Multiple items from Multiple farms?? If not why has it not been added yet. Or at least tell me in my gifts & storage what total I have on all farms. I have tons of trees and the same kinds of trees on different farms. I only play the first few farms.
--- they should add it in the mastery list so when I 3 star it I can Sell all but 1 and move it to the farm I want.
___ I just want to be able to down size all the Extra stuff that I have.

I HATE that there are So many farms and I stopped playing for years because just trying to load takes for ever and I have a New Computer. I will not add their files to my computer Mostly because I do not want all the farms so why bog down my computer with stuff I do not want.


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