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Why am I not seeing the "X" button on the Wildlife Rescue Tour page? ***FIXED!!!***

Dominus MarsDominus Mars Super ModeratorSuper Moderator Posts: 1,234 Moderator
edited October 2017 in Resolved Issues

Update - October 19th 11:00 AM PST

Good news! This issue has already been fixed! The 'X' button is now available on the Wildlife Rescue Tour.

Thank you for your continued support!


Previous Post:

We have received reports that players are unable to close the Wildlife Rescue Tour screen because the "X" icon is missing. Not to worry! Our Team is already aware of this matter and is currently working on a fix.

For the meantime, you may close it by clicking on the 'Craft' button instead of refreshing your whole game. This will also ensure that all progress made on this feature, such as redeeming rewards, is saved successfully.

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