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Why am I unable to play FarmVille? Why do I see a blank screen?

Dominus MarsDominus Mars Super ModeratorSuper Moderator Posts: 1,234 Moderator

Your browser could be blocking Flash (Adobe Flash Player) and that’s why you might be seeing a gray screen or a white screen. FarmVille requires flash and you can enable flash easily.

Why do I need Flash to play FarmVille?
To read the full details of this topic, please visit this link.

Follow the steps below and continue playing FarmVille.

Firefox Troubleshooting:

Do you see a gray screen?
1. If yes, click anywhere on the grey screen
2. You will get a pop-up on the top left hand corner of the browser.
3. Choose ‘Allow and Remember’ on the pop-up.
4. Reload the webpage and continue playing FarmVille
5. Didn’t get the pop-up? Look out for this icon on the top left hand corner of your browser.

6. Click on the icon to open the pop-up and choose “Allow and Remember”.

7. Reload the webpage and continue playing FarmVille.
8. Still unable to load the game? Try the steps listed under the section ‘Didn’t see a grey screen but still unable to play FarmVille?’

Didn’t see a grey screen but still unable to play FarmVille?
1. Copy and paste ‘about:addons’ in the address bar of the browser
2. Check if you have ‘Shockwave Flash’
3. Choose ‘Always Activate’ from the dropdown menu across ‘Shockwave Flash’
4. If you don’t see ‘Shockwave Flash’, go here and download the latest version of Adobe Flash Player
5. Install Adobe Flash Player
6. Restart your Firefox browser
7. Enjoy playing FarmVille

Chrome Troubleshooting:
Click here

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