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Asking for Gifts, FV cash & Feed

Tricia4720Tricia4720 Saint SpontaneousRegistered User Posts: 125 The Pesky Helper

Here we go again....Fix one problem and end up with 5 more. First, have not been able to collect FV cash since July 31st. Second, unable to collect from the feed for about a week. When I click on it, it does absolutely nothing. And last (as of today), have not been able to ask for items when it says "Ask for more". So I am unable to complete the 1-9 levels. This part has been going on for a week as well.



  • Tricia4720Tricia4720 Saint Spontaneous Registered User Posts: 125 The Pesky Helper

    Well, 1/2 hr after the above post I was able to do all three...FV cash - got 3; collect from feed and ask for items. However, gradually, these faded again. Now I am only able to ask for items where it says "Ask for More". FV cash, if I'm lucky, I get one, but the feed panel I get nothing. :'(

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