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game play

pawayne63pawayne63 Registered User, Facebook Connect User Posts: 1 Not a Title, but a Star

Once upon a time there was this new game called Farmville. It was a cute game full of animals and farm buildings. We were able to work hard planting crops in order to make enough money to purchase quaint little cottages. We would set up little vignettes of farm life. We would take time decorating and having a great time "playing farm". We would go to neighbor's houses and look and see what they were doing and help them. It was fun. But then came the ENDLESS quests and extra farms that zapped the joy out of our first love. Now the original farm is a distant memory. The joy of it, trampled under the NEVER ending quests and deadlines. It is like having a whole toy box full of junk with your favorite toy buried in the bottom of the chest, forgotten in the onslaught of more more more ...... If you agree, copy and paste, maybe Zinga will hear us and change.



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