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Enhancing your farm

mamacbmamacb Registered User, Facebook Connect User Posts: 129 The Pesky Helper

If it's not one, it's the other.. Have been trying to get my farm open all afternoon. Everytime I click on, Enhancing note keep popping on which close my farm with no results.. I need to get in there if I have to make any progress.
Task keep closing before I can complete anything profitable.... What I know about enhancement, is to make things better; but there's no betterment in farmville.. I'm getting fed up with that right now... I like the game, that's why I play it. But frustration in the game is growing rampant now... If it's not "Whoa Farmer, it's Enhancement or Please refresh to continue..
I'm getting tired of this now. Please fix this problem. It's a grownup game; be grownup about it..


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