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Goods Quota

bluebell_rosebluebell_rose Gabby EnthusiastRegistered User Posts: 212 Cupcake Princess

I'm not positive but I have a funny feeling that the 100 goods quota was introduced during the English country side farm introduction when quite a few of us doing co-ops couldn't keep up with the crafting for our neighbours. People were buying faster than we could craft! Fast forward to the present. We now have 37 farms and counting. Many of us have multiple wineries on multiple farms and are crafting so much that is a surplus of goods to be bought. Yet we are struggling with fuel on somedays despite buying our quota.

My question is can the goods quota be lifted? Can we buy one good from each farm we're on? Newer farmers are at a disadvantage with the quota in place as often if I'm low on fuel I do not buy low leveled goods. And so I sometimes skip the people with low leveled goods. As a side effect it makes it hard for the newer farmers and/or level the new crafting cottage on the newest farm. 100 isn't nearly enough for many of us.


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