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Why am I unable to transform my Level 5 Morph Machine?

Dominus MarsDominus Mars Super ModeratorSuper Moderator Posts: 1,234 Moderator

Howdy, Farmers!

We heard that players are unable to immediately place and transform their Level 5 Morph Machines in the game. This is not a bug, but by game design. Previously, we received feedback from some players saying that the Maharaja's Stable was difficult whereas Movie Mania was easy. The Morph Machine was designed for intermediate difficulty, so that it's slightly challenging to complete and at the same time it is well below the difficulty level of the Maharaja's Stable.

Don't worry, you may get your machines transformed as soon as the timer is up! Here are the required number of Solar Cells per level and their respective wait time:

Level 1 to 2 - needs 2 Solar Cells, 4 hr wait time to charge again
Level 2 to 3 - needs 4 Solar Cells, 6 hr wait time to charge again
Level 3 to 4 - needs 6 Solar Cells, 7 hr wait time to charge again
Level 4 to 5 - needs 8 Solar Cells , 8 hr wait time to place and transform

Happy farming! :smile:

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