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Loosing progress

rubysparrowrubysparrow Posts: 2Registered User, Facebook Connect User Not a Title, but a Star

I was playing on internet explorer earlier and at one point the game froze I reloaded the page and every thing I had done for about an hour and a half was back to where it was... I switched to chrome and had the same issue only loosing 20 minutes or so of progress. But then again loosing 45 min of progress so I did some of it again and reloaded after about 10 minutes to see and again everything was back to how it was... I have literally wasted hours of my day trying to reorganize my farm. I haven't played in years and really wanted to get this immense amount of organizing done and It could be done and I could be playing the game already but I have spent hours wasting my time. Please help me I love the game and miss it I just want to play but I am frustrated to tears I am using a nice computer with a good internet connection I can find no reason for this to keep happening.


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