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Items disappearing

hornplayerhornplayer Mazter GuardianRegistered User Posts: 220 Cupcake Princess

My biggest complaint is finding that items I've crafted in the stable to unlock animals are disappearing. I finish an item and have more than 1, then when I go back later, the item has rolled back to zero. It happens ALL THE TIME and I'm fed up with it!!!
My second complaint is when planting the required crops to beat a farm, it doesn't say whether they are water crops or not. I wish Zynga would identify the water crops in the requirement thing just like they do in the market.


  • Sandy7226Sandy7226 Lord of the Forums Registered User Posts: 8,604 Lord of the Forums

    A lot of the items you craft are used in other items so probably you are using them without realizing it.

    You are correct Zynga's quest guide does not state the terrain however the Dirt Farmer's do have that listed so you might want to try theirs

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