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What is the "Add Friends" button on my Puppy Come Home?

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Howdy, Farmers!

Expand your active community neighbors and help each other to complete features faster! Click "Add Friends" to see a list of recommended players who are active and play features such as Puppy Come Home!

Note: Only players who have enabled the Community Friends program in FarmVille's Game Settings will be shown in the list.

Why should I add these recommended players?

In addition to having new active neighbors who can help you progress quicker, you will also get 1 Striped Candy for every player you add. You can use these Striped Candies to redeem awesome rewards and get closer to completing the feature! You can add a maximum of 6 players!

How do I know if a friend request has been accepted?

When you send a request to another player, the button under their name will change to "Request Pending" to indicate that the request was sent.

Once they accept from the FarmVille Requests envelope, you will see "Request Accepted" on your new friend's name!

What happens if the 300 friends limit is reached?

If you have already reached the 300 friends limit, you will not be able to add other players from the feature. The game will prompt you to clear out your inactive neighbors.

Happy Farming! :)

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