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Official Guide: Walkthrough: Beat Carnaval

Dominus MarsDominus Mars Super ModeratorSuper Moderator Posts: 1,234 Moderator

Walkthrough: Beat Carnaval

Beat Carnaval Icon

Beat Carnaval Requirements Page 1

Beat Carnaval Requirements Page 2

Task 1:

Finish building your Carousel of Souls (Click the Go To Carousel)

Expand Carousel of Souls through Level 10


2,000 Carnaval Points

Task 2:

Master these Carnaval Crops to Level 3 (You may also click the "See Crop List" button on the task itself).

Cornivale, Ferris Wheat, Chocolate Cosmos, Upside Down Shades, Hairy Clown Nose, Mexican Skullflower, Flowers Of The Dead, Bone Flower Dog, Grapeyard Tombs, Coffeen Pods, Purple Blades, Dried Ghost Pepper, Abandoned Lotus Pods, Ruby Moon, Cursed Cluster, Itchy Beans, Poppy Capsule, Toxoids, Sour Pumpkin, Bleeding Drupe, Ghost Blooms, Spider Flower, Gum-nuts, Datura Seed Pod, Cotton Candy, Toxic Pumpkin, Prickly Pear, Glowing Moon Rocks


2 Instagrow Potions

Task 3:

Complete all animals in Carnaval Theatre!

Two Faced Chicken, Ring Master Duck, La Cala Cat, Clown Reaper Cow, Tricky Suit Zebra, Dark Circus Pig, Devil's Joker Goat, Numb Jester Llama, Hypnotic Giraffe, Carousel Monster Pony, Graveyard Clown Lion, Fire Hoop Deer, Devious Horse, Glutton Sinner Pegacorn, Wicked Princess Pegasus


5 Unwithers

Task 4:

Have a 5 Star Brewing Wagon!


4,000 Carnaval Points

Complete all 4 tasks for the Beat Carnaval and you will be awarded with a Beat Carnaval Trophy and an El Carnaval License!

Good luck Farmers! :smile:

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