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Why does the building from Fairyland vs Toyland Personality Voting interchange upon completion?FIXED

Dominus MarsDominus Mars Super ModeratorSuper Moderator Posts: 1,234 Moderator
edited September 2016 in Resolved Issues

UPDATE as of 09/22/2016 3:00 AM PDT:

We're glad to share that both versions of the building have already been added to players' Gift Box.

Happy farming!


UPDATE as of 09/09/2016 5:00 AM PDT:

Our team tried to fix this but it may cause other in-game issues that's why it wasn't pushed through. Our ultimate goal is for our players to be satisfied and receive the correct rewards they deserve. In line with this, we'll be granting both of the Fairyland and Toyland buildings to all the players who have participated to this feature soon.

Thank you for understanding!



This has already been fixed.

Thank you for your continued support!


We received reports that the building from Fairyland vs Toyland Personality Voting has interchanged after completing the feature. Please not to worry as our team is already working on getting this fixed as soon as we can.

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