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whoa Farmer

SpicemouseySpicemousey Building ExpertFacebook Connect User Posts: 21 Building Expert

I have know for year this is an ongoing problem. Well a few days back I was on my farm for quite a few hours and everything at that time was working great. But the next day i went back it start the whoa farmer things. Well I updated chrome my flash and everything that should be down. I even reinstalled chrome but that has not helped. I'm still getting the whoa farmer even after all of this. So HELP don't know..i read where it says it could be to do with my internet connection but it is ok and no problems there so i'm stuck cause i can't get on my farm. they say remove it and add it as that helps some time..well in the last few day i have done it 3 times and still getting the whoa farmer..don't know what to do..i sit in limbo

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