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Good news, Farmers! New Patterned Rams and Colored Ewes are available now!

Dominus MarsDominus Mars Super ModeratorSuper Moderator Posts: 1,234 Moderator

Sheep Breeders, come on! There are 15 new Patterned Rams and Colored Ewes available in the Market!

These includes:

1. Apple Ram
2. Bifocal Ram
3. Bolts Ram

4. Bowtie Ram
5. Bunny Ram
7. Button Ram

7. Ghosty Ram
8. Plus Ram
9. Puzzle Ram

10. Scissors Ram
11. Skull Ram
12. Blue Snowflake Ram

13. Tribal Ram
14. Trident Ram
15. Wavey Ram

You may learn more on these articles:

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How does the feature work?

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Why didn’t I get the pattern of my choice?

Collect them all now! Happy Farming! :)

1.png 34.5K
2.png 32.9K
4.png 36.9K
5.png 36.4K
7.png 49.9K
6.png 545K
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