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Feed posted (not working)

MoonmermaidMoonmermaid Registered User, Facebook Connect User Posts: 2 Not a Title, but a Star

When I share rewards, ask for items, etc, I guess the way it works is that "feed posted" appears on the right and is done. Well, is not. I mean, it happens sometimes, when I start playing Farmville in the morning, and normaly after between 6 to 15 shares, it stops working and then the extremely uncomfortable and slow windows asking me if I want to post in facebook appear over and over again.
The same for friends to whom I send gifts or ask for parts, I check that it shouldn't open the pop-up facebook posting question again for all my farmville friends, but it pops everytime. Is this a facebook problem, or a Zinga one?. And most of all, is there any solution??? Thank you very much



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