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Beating the Farm

Connie CannonConnie Cannon Party StarterRegistered User Posts: 1,037 Pet Queen

Every time I beat a farm, for instance I just beat the Savannah Safari Farm, it does not recognize it. Then when I click on the beat the farm icon, it says Woops, we made an error. After the game reloads, I get the trophy, and I did not get to share that I beat the farm. This is the second request that this be fixed. Please fix this as we work really hard to beat these farms.


  • PeelaPeela The One Who Knows It All Registered User Posts: 2,566 Lord of the Forums

    why do you need to post that you beat the farm ... isnt it enough that you did .... the bonus given to other players isnt that exciting .... and you know you beat it .... they wont do anything for something as trivial as this ... just move onto your next challenge :)

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