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Did your farm revert to level 1?

Dominus MarsDominus Mars Super ModeratorSuper Moderator Posts: 1,234 Moderator
edited August 2016 in Known Issues

Did your farm revert to level 1?

UPDATE AS OF 08/09 10:00 AM PDT:

We're still getting reports that some players are still having issues loading or traveling to another farm.

For the players with games that reverted to Level 1, we apologize for the inconvenience as we are still working to restore your progress.

Rest assured that the team is prioritizing these two issues to get you back on track at the earliest time.

--- End of Update ---


The FarmVille team has resolved the loading issues faced by some of the players and confirmed it's now safe to load the farm!

--- End of Update ---

We are getting reports that some players are experiencing either one of these issues below:
Cannot travel to specific farms due to an "Unable to load farm!" error and will result in a loading issue after the page is refreshed
The progress in the game reverted back to level 1

Our team has been informed and they are already looking into both issues on priority. For the meantime, we suggest that affected players do not load their game while we are working on the resolution. We'll let you know as soon as we have an update.

Thank you for your understanding.

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