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Daily Delights too far off farm to see- so missing collection

PeelaPeela The One Who Knows It AllPosts: 2,486Registered User Lord of the Forums

this is a bone of contention with me ... the Daily Delights little icon is shoved wayyyyy over to the right of screen ... completely away from where you are interacting with your farm .... and it doesnt show its ready most of the time .... so unless I happen to move in that direction I miss out on collecting the daily items to get the prize at the end of the week .... it is very annoying to miss one and end up not getting the prize you thought you had a chance to collect !!! So many times I manage to miss just the one ... usually the first or second one .... it is sooo annoying ....
is there any chance of moving it to a location where we can actually see it when we visit the farm ??? Please !!!


  • illdocilldoc The Chosen One Posts: 1,152Registered User Assassin

    Make a habit of visiting Farmer's Square. Barbara is very easy to spot there. She rarely shows "Ready" on Mondays but does show the "ready to click" pink teardrop the rest of the week. Also, check your masteries--all of the Daily Delights are previous releases (usually a prize from an "all farm" quest)--so you may already have them.

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