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Official Guide: Walkthrough: Beat Caveman Club

Sun-Kissed CaribbeanaSun-Kissed Caribbeana Super ModeratorSuper Moderator Posts: 1,192 Moderator

Walkthrough: Beat Caveman Club

Beat Caveman Club Icon

Caveman Club Requirements Page 1

Beat Caveman Club Requirements Page 2

Task 1:

Finish building your Rockmore Rotunda (Click the Go To Rockmore)

Expand Rockmore Rotunda through Level 10


2,000 Cave Points

Task 2:

Master these Caveman Crops to Level 3 (You may also click the "See Crop List" button on the task itself).

Blooming Onions, Fire Burst Flower, Explosive Berries, Ocean Feather Flower, Crimson Shade Flower, Ooga La Fruit, Cautleya, Ooga's Carrot, Pre-evolved Hibiscus, Exotic Apple, Pearl Sprouts, Sunset Flower, Flytrap Beetroot, Pitaya Fruit, Patterned Seashells, Blue Chrysanthemum, Hanging Fuschia, Pendant Heliconia, Hidden Pumpkin, Queen's Magnifica, Cactus Watermelon, Water Bromerlia, Color Spiral Banana, Stick Zingiber, Underwater Lily, Shelled Cabbage, Cactus Flower, Early Snowflower


2 Instagrow Potions

Task 3:

Complete all animals in Ani-Mall!

Fire Stripe Chicken, Horn Shell Turtle, Palm Eagle, Aquamarine Panther, White Trim Kangaroo, Tropico Spot Cow, Lavender Monkey, Spotty Rhino, Pea Giraffe, Sea Wing Walrus, Violet Sky Elephant, Aquamarine Tiger, Flameback Yak, Violetberry Horse, Tiger Light Unicorn


5 Unwithers

Task 4:

Have a 5 Star Twostone Mill!


4,000 Cave Points

Complete all 4 tasks for the Beat Caveman Club and you will be awarded with a Beat Caveman Trophy and a Caveman Club License!

Good luck Farmers! :smile:

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